Children's Ministry

What’s the mission for children’s ministry?

With Jesus as our example, Door of Hope seeks to demonstrate the heart of God for children. Together, we explore the glory of God’s attributes, teach our kids about the redemptive story of Jesus Christ, and learn how to respond to His love through worship, prayer and fellowship. A team of faithful volunteers facilitates this time with the kids in age appropriate ways.

When do you meet?

Sundays during the 5pm service.

Where does my child fit in children’s ministry?

INFANTS/TODDLERS (AGE 0 – 2): Infants experience God’s love while they’re cradled and cared for each week by our team of dedicated volunteers.

LITTLE ONES (AGE 3 – 7): Children learn that God loves them so much that He died in their place so that they can live. Life together is a reflection of that love, so we build relationships by playing and praying for each other. The Little Ones learn that Scripture stories are intended to make God known and show us His powerful, life changing love. A connected craft is designed to instill this message into the hearts and minds of the Little Ones every week. God’s love is demonstrated to the kids by qualified volunteers who have a heart to serve them.

BIG KIDS (AGE 8 – 11): Big Kids engage in the message by participating in games, prayer, Bible-centered teaching and Scripture memorization. Because we trust that God’s Word when activated by the Holy Spirit has the power to transform hearts, the Bible is central to our curriculum. It is also designed to facilitate a high level of interaction between leaders and kids. By using questions to teach through the Bible, we learn together how to think critically, observe, interpret and apply the scriptures. Memory verses equip the kids with the tools to help build a relationship with God during the week. Games, activities and worship intend to reiterate God’s good news.


While we understand the responsibility and privilege to nurture their relationship with God, we believe that parents are preeminent in their role. As parents shepherd their kids through Scripture, our children’s ministry serves as reinforcement to their teaching. Upon turning 12 children are encouraged to join the main Sunday gathering and continue learning and worshiping alongside their parents, other adults and youth.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Chris Chesbro

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it