Morningstar Rise

The Followers

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Father, Father my spirit groans
Within my heart, within my bones
I’m drawn by Your love to know
You through Your Son

I’ll come out of my hiding
I’ll come into the light
Because nothing can be hidden
Hidden from Your eyes

Oh Morning star rise, Oh Your life in mine
Oh, to rest my restless head
Oh, to rise up from the dead

I’ll stand out in the open
Scream at the top of my lungs
I’m living out Your message
I am a revealer of Your love


As deep calls unto deep
as Your love flows over me
Jesus I believe, help my unbelief



The Followers:

Josh White - vocals, guitar
Liz Vice - vocals
Holly Rossmiller - vocals
Eric Earley - guitar
Chris Chesbro - guitar
Robbie Augspurger - bass
Ryan Peterson - drums
Erik Eklund - organ / piano
Laura Kucera - violin


Braden Spotts - camera / director / editor
Dave LaChasse - camera
Tim Newman - camera
Matt Bowman - camera
Matt James - sound / mixing