Victory of Christ

Cory Dauber

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Oh the grace of Christ
is so severe, it wounds my pride.
With a fatal blow, You lay me down
Into Your arms, the only place the grave
can’t hold.

Oh to walk with my Savior,
Your yoke becomes my rest. 
Make me one with your purpose.  
Teach me to love, the way You loved this
lonesome son.

Alleluia! Alleluia!
Alleluia! Praise God, Praise God
Praise God!

Oh the victory of Christ
He bids me come, through His strength I

In my weakness, I will be blessed. 
Teach me to trust - as You cried, Your will
be done.


Directed, filmed, & edited by Braden Spotts
Additional filming by Luke Leasure
Audio recorded & mixed by Kevin Lee Florence

Cory Dauber - songwriter, guitar, vocals
Eric Earley - lap steel