Waiting to Find You

The Followers

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Lord, I know you’ll stay by my side
Forgive me for trying to hide
When You alone hold the words of life

Jesus, in You alone I will die
In You alone I have life
I just want to see You glorified

I was waiting to find You
were waiting for me
I was far too blind to
see You standing next to me
And now I have You
And You have me


The Followers:

Josh White - vocals, guitar
Liz Vice - vocals
Holly Rossmiller - vocals
Eric Earley - guitar
Chris Chesbro - guitar
Robbie Augspurger - bass
Ryan Peterson - drums
Erik Eklund - organ / piano
Laura Kucera - violin


Braden Spotts - camera / director / editor
Tim Newman - camera
Dave LaChasse - camera 
Matt Bowman - camera
Matt James - sound / mixing